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“.ca” Domain Name Sold For $130,000

Murphy & Company has successfully negotiated, on behalf of a Canadian domain name owner, the purchase of a prominent “.ca” domain name for USD $130,000.  The purchaser was a large U.S. corporation expanding its operations into Canada.

This transaction, and the high sale price, are strong indications of a healthy .ca domain name market in Canada.  We are seeing more and more U.S. companies which are interested in acquiring .ca domain names,” stated Timothy W. Murphy, Principal of Murphy & Company, with respect to the transaction.  Due to confidentiality restrictions, the URL of the domain name in question and the identity of the parties involved cannot be disclosed.

Murphy also notes that a considerable number of such transactions begin in a contentious manner, such as a dispute over trade-mark rights, and, once the ownership and use issues are resolved, evolve into settlement negotiations with a domain name purchase component.

Timothy W. Murphy, LL.M, is a Vancouver-based technology and business lawyer.  To contact Murphy & Company, call (604) 360-7014 or email: tmurphy@murphyandcompany.ca

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