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M&C announces alliance with Léonar French Translation Services

Murphy & Company is pleased to announce that it has formed an alliance with Léonar French Translation Services to offer legal translation services to its clients. “Léonar brings a unique skill set to M&C and this alliance will prove greatly beneficial to clients that require quality legal translations in the French language” says Timothy W. Murphy, principal and founder of Murphy & Company.

Léonar French Translation Services is owned and operated by Sophie Stankiewicz, LL.M (McGill), PhD (Strasbourg, France) and offers translation services between English and French for a wide variety of legal documents, such as legal agreements, pleadings, reports, press releases, securities and related documents.  Ms. Stankiewicz has a doctorate in law and is based in Vancouver, Canada.

For more information contact Murphy & Company at (604) 360-7014 or by email at: tmurphy@murphyandcompany.ca

To reach Léonar French Translation Services directly, contact Sophie Stankiewicz at (604) 970-0520 or by email at: stankiewiczsophie@yahoo.fr

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