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“.ca” Domain Name Sold For $130,000

Murphy & Company has successfully negotiated, on behalf of a Canadian domain name owner, the purchase of a prominent “.ca” domain name for USD $130,000.  The purchaser was a large U.S. corporation expanding its operations into Canada. “This transaction, and the high sale price, are strong indications of a healthy...
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Buying or Selling a Business

Buying or selling a business is an important step for an entrepreneur and should be carefully planned from both a financial and legal perspective.  This article will highlight some of the considerations that owners (or future owners) face at the outset of such a transaction. Business acquisitions are typically either for...
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Letters of Intent – A Basic Introduction

When buying or selling a business, a letter of intent (“LOI”) can be a useful tool for the parties to find common ground on the relevant commercial and legal terms.  Typically, the LOI is entered into at the outset of a transaction, prior to the due diligence stage, before the...
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